AFURI Niseko – Famous Tokyo Ramen arrives in Hokkaido

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  • AFURI Niseko – Famous Tokyo Ramen arrives in Hokkaido


AFURI Ramen and Dumpling


AFURI began its story in Tokyo with a quest to elevate the status one of Japan’s most simple dishes. Often underestimated, Japanese ramen bares little resemblance to convenience food counterparts. AFURI innovated an interesting way of infusing its noodles with Yuzu, which offers a light and refreshing flavour that pairs perfectly with the rich of flavours the broth. Anyone who has spent time in Japan or is familiar with its food will have come across Yuzu, often used in drinks and in fine dining, the delicate bitter sweet citrus flavour is so good it’s addictive. AFURI’s other signature dish is its unique dumplings, with juicy centers and the perfect bite.

bowl of afuri shio ramen made with yuzu and pork new niseko restaurant in setsu niseko

After opening chains throughout Tokyo, AFURI continued its journey opening chains internationally in Portland, Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong, to name but a few of the locations. And now, AFURI has opened its first Hokkaido branch in Niseko.


AFURI Niseko

Japanese skiers and snowboarders are all too familiar with the blissful relationship between a day on the mountain and a bowl of ramen. After hitting the slopes and a soaking in a hot spring, there is literally nothing like hearty ramen to satisfy the soul. Now, AFURI Niseko offers the chance to discover this delight in the best possible way. With AFURI’ Niseko’s exquisite flavours and dedication to creating the highest quality dining experiences in the sumptuous surroundings of one of the most exciting new Niseko accommodations to have been developed over the past few years, Setsu Niseko.

It is not possible to make reservations at AFURI Niseko, so arrive during the opening hours detailed below, and if you have any questions, get in touch with their team.


AFURI Niseko Opening Hours:

Lunch: 11:00 – 15:00 (Last Order: 14:30)
Dinner: 17:00 – 22:00 (Last Order: 21:30)


AFURI Niseko Contact Details: