Niseko’s Hanazono Symphony Gondola Unveiled

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  • Niseko’s Hanazono Symphony Gondola Unveiled

Niseko Hanazono got a facelift for the 2021-22 ski season, when it launched both its new Hanazono Symphony Gondola and a new Hanazono 1 lift.

map showing hanazono symphony gondola


Hanazono Symphony Gondola

The new Hanazono Symphony Gondola can seat 10 people in supreme comfort with individual leather seats. It covers a distance of 1,362 meters in 5 minutes. There is a gondola base station, a middle station and a peak station as can be seen in the map above. Excitingly, the top station provides access to a completely new ski course called Colly’s Folly offering a very wide, cruisy 550 meter run to the middle station with an average slope angle of just over 20 degrees.

Juicy Fruit, which was formerly a part of Stairway to Heaven will be directly accessible from the middle station, and is suitable for beginners.


opening of symphony gondola in hanazono january 2021



New Hanazono One Lift

The old Hana 1 Lift is has been replaced with the latest POMA 6-person chair lift with heated leather seats and footrests. It covers a distance of 1589 meters in 5 and a half minutes.