Covid Policy

Covid Policy

Covid Policy for Japan Ski Experience Bookings


The pandemic has caused travel chaos around the world for more than 2 years and Japan Ski Experience fully understands the uncertainties that some people feel about booking a holiday. We strive to ensure the best possible experience for all our guests, not only while on holiday but throughout the booking process, and of course, in the event of unavoidable cancellation.

Now that the Government’s plan for reopening the Japanese border is underway with limited tourism already possible, regular entry conditions for vaccinated travellers is widely expected to resume well before Winter. On this basis, for the first time since the pandemic began, Japan Ski Experience recommends going ahead and booking a Japan ski holiday!

With regard to the Covid Policy for Japan Ski Experience bookings, it is important to understand that when you book with Japan Ski Experience we act as a booking agent, not as a principal supplier of services. Simply put, when you book with us, you enter into a booking contract with the supplier of the service, and we act as agents on your behalf.

We use our relationships with suppliers to negotiate the fairest possible Terms and Conditions, and in particular advocate for your right to receive either a full refund or a credit for your booking, enabling you to move it to a future year, in the highly unlikely event that the Japanese border remains closed to tourists over the coming Winter season. But as a booking agent, we do not have the authority to decide the Terms and Conditions that ultimately apply. Our scope is limited to providing you with the information decided by the supplier and liaising on your behalf. If you would like to know the specific Terms and Conditions relating to the services you would like to book, please request these during the booking process.